About Christopher - Christopher Briscoe

About Christopher

Photo of Christopher Briscoe with cowboy by David Winston, April 2016 near Ashland, Oregon.

Working in New Orleans

Christopher Briscoe's photographs have appeared on Oprah, Larry King Live, Entertainment Tonight and have been published around the world in numerous publications such as The London Times, USA Today, People Magazine, Time Magazine and Paris Match. Chris has photographed everyone from Mikhail Gorbachev to Catherine Zeta Jones. His work is driven to uncover the common thread that binds us all; from Bourbon Street to the alleys of Hanoi. He digs deep to unveil the story behind each face. "I have no real interest in photographing landscapes," he says. "To me, the greatest landscape is the human face."

As renowned New York photographer Jay Maisel recently remarked, "Joy and warmth is evident in the work. Sit, enjoy. Chris is a growing presence. There will be more."

Story about Christopher Briscoe in Souther Oregon University Raiders Magazine 2018
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